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Julian Posada Stepping Down As President Of The Fire

In a bit of surprise news this afternoon, Julian Posada will be relinquishing his reigns as Club President at the end of 2012

While I think it's obviously too early to tell what kind of impact this move will have, it comes a bit out of the blue. Hierarchically, the Fire organization isn't exactly aligned like your typical run of the mill soccer club. Sometimes it seems that roles blur together, and it's hard to tell who handles what tasks at times. As Andrew states below, the position will not be filled. I would assume the front office feels it is an extraneous position that is not needed, Julian found another opportunity, or both. We wish Julian the best of luck in the future.

Here are Andrew's direct words:

Dear Fire Community:

I am writing to let you know that, after serving the Fire for over two years, Julian Posada will be stepping down from his role as President of the Club at the end of this year to pursue other opportunities. We are grateful to Julian for his time and dedication to the Fire over the years, and are pleased that he will remain on as a consultant for the Club in 2013.

Julian has been gradually shifting his responsibilities to other leaders in the front office over the past year. Our Chief Operating Officer, Atul Khosla, has been on-board for more than a year now and has been expertly overseeing all day-to-day business operations of the Club, while Javier Leon, in his position as President of Soccer Operations, has been skillfully handling all responsibilities of that role for some time. As such, Julian's role will not be replaced.

Over the past year we have invested in building a diverse and deep management team, and as we enter 2013, I know the team in place is focused and prepared for the excitement and challenges of the upcoming season. In a relatively short time, the Club has accomplished a great deal, including securing numerous multi-year partnerships, a new jersey sponsorship, a 100% increase in season ticket holders and a significant increase in overall attendance to name a few.

As a core member of our front office, Julian has played an important role in steering the Club on a path for success - helping to reconnect the Fire to the city of Chicago, championing a culture of service and fan experience, and building a new and seasoned management team to run the business. I thank him for all of his contributions to the Fire and I am glad that he will stay close to us over the coming year.

Please join me in wishing Julian well in his future endeavors.


Andrew Hauptman