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Re-Entry Draft Aftermath

This is the debut article from Adam Merges, who some of you may know as a member of the Peña Piratas Supporters Group. Adam will be writing some articles fr HTIOT, as we look to add new faces and voices to the ever expanding community we have here. Without further ado, here is Adam's take on the 2012 MLS Re-Entry Draft. -Ryan

Our 2012 Re-Entry Draft in a nutshell
Our 2012 Re-Entry Draft in a nutshell

In the first phase of the draft, we saw the Fire pick up Brazilian forward Maicon Santos. However, we saw the Fire do nothing in the second phase. What does this mean for our "Men in Red"? Well it means that Frank and company have some holes to fill in the depth department, mainly in the back and in midfield. The one surprising note for the Fire before the second phase was that Corben Bone was taken off the re-entry draft list and Dan Gargan was put on the list.

Getting back to Dan Gargan being left out there (and picked up by San Jose), it means that the Fire's brain trust has put their faith in Anibaba being their full time right back with Steven Kinney being his back up. Corben Bone is just a move to keep a player familiar with the organization and to provide a little bit of depth on the roster. It will be interesting to see what the Fire do when they address the rest of the roster over the next month and even during preseason to build a team that can contend with the rest of the league.

Here is a list of my teams that did nothing, winners, the "meh" category, and "what were they thinking":

  • Teams that did nothing:

  • New Jersey- no surprise since they made trades and are looking for another DP (found in Juninho). Portland- just like New Jersey they made plenty of moves before the re-entry draft.

  • Columbus, Montreal, Chivas USA, Houston and Seattle basically did little to nothing before and during the re-entry draft.

  • Chicago as I previously said had the lone pick in the first phase to provide depth at forward so they are kind of a winner/did nothing.

  • Winners:

  • LA- picked up a couple veterans of the league in Hesmer(GK) and Clark(MF) to add to their depth.

  • TFC- picked up a solid CB in Califf which is what they needed.

  • Vancouver- picked up a young forward in Paulo Jr. that can only help their depth.

  • DC- picked up Thorrington who should help provide a spark and a veteran presence in the locker room.

  • San Jose- they are currently re-tooling their defense and they picked up Dan Gargan, who will certainly start for them. They also snagged Ty Harden and Bryan Jordan for depth.

  • SKC- even though they made no selections in the re-entry draft, they made trades before the draft that will certainly help their team and with another DP on the way it couldn't hurt to add Feilhaber and Opara for depth.

  • "Meh" category: teams that made picks that I don't see as weekly contributors to their respective clubs:

  • Philadelphia with Casey(FW), Colorado with Avila(MF), Dallas with Keel(DF), and RSL with Palmer(MF).

  • And the "what were they thinking" team? Well, that is New England just for the pure fact they selected Chad Barrett.

As the preseason draws closer we should expect all teams to start filling out their rosters with players from the Super Draft and also from other leagues around the world. So let's get the silly season rolling as we look forward to 2013!