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Fire Quick Hits: Sega Re-Signs; SJ Training In Europe Again

While Fire Nation has lamented the risky move of declining Sega's option the past couple of days, Chicago fans were surprised today when the news of Sega re-signing broke

He's baaaacccckkkkk!
He's baaaacccckkkkk!
Otto Greule Jr

I remember my days of playing Nintendo (8-bit) as a kid. Just when I thought that one of my favorite games might be wearing out, I would employ the old "blow on the pins" trick. There must be dust on them that I had to get rid of, right? Everyone did this. While I would later learn this was bad for the game, it always seemed to get it working again for another round of 8-bit goodness.

And so the saga of Gonzalo Segares parallels this. Just when we all thought his faithful time in a Fire jersey was done, fans were surprised when the club announced a new, multi-year contract today. And thus Sega will continue to appear in many Fire games to come. It would seem that the risky move by the Front Office paid off. While we won't have an idea of the financial numbers until salaries are released again, it's a safe bet he will be making less than he did with his old contract. It also speaks of Sega's loyalty to the club. And it would seem that Sega wanted to stay rather than leave, thus willing to renegotiate his salary.

I am certainly happy with this news. Given our lack of LB depth, getting a player like Sega back is important. While some will argue we should be looking to upgrade to a younger option, it's easier said than done. Short of a signing or trade, there are not a lot of quality, experienced LB's floating around. Plus, as the next couple of years go by, Sega will be a great player to teach and help the younger players.

In another bit of news, Sean Johnson is again training in Europe. This time, he has two separate training stints with Stoke and Everton. Sean will be spending a couple of weeks honing his skills with a couple of EPL clubs. There is not much to say here other than it's good experience for him, and hopefully he will make the best of it and implement what he has learned next season.

It's nice to see he is still getting training time with European clubs. He's going to need to take his game to the next level to help take the Fire further in 2013.