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Chicago Fire vs. San Jose Earthquakes/Ventura County Fusion - Preseason - 11:30 AM CST - Live Audio

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There are two games that will be played at the same time. The Fire's first team will take on the San Jose Earthquakes. A second team will take on the Ventura County Fusion. Here are the respective lineups:

vs. San Jose Earthquakes
Jay Nolly; Dan Gargan, Jalil Anibaba, Cory Gibbs, Gonzalo Segares; Logan Pause (C), Pavel Pardo, Patrick Nyarko; Federico Puppo, Dominic Oduro

Substitutes: Sean Johnson, Rodrigo Inigo, Rafael Robayo, Lucky Mkosana

vs. Ventura County Fusion
Paolo Tornagi; Tony Walls, Austin Berry, Kwame Watson-Siriboe, Hunter Jumper; Michael Videira, Daniel Paladini, Ivan Guerrero; Corben Bone; Kheli Dube, Orr Barouch
Substitutes: Alec Kann, Pari Pantazopoulos, Victor Pineda, Kellen Gulley

The live audio link has now been removed for formatting purposes.