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The Chicago Fire Get A Radio Home

After a year without a radio home in English or Spanish, the Fire have a partner to broadcast all their games.

Today, the Chicago Fire announced that ESPN Deportes 97.5 will be broadcasting all 34 games. The games will be called by Oscar Guzman. Oscar will also host a weekly show call, Juega con Fire (Play with Fire) that will cover the Fire, MLS and world soccer.

Side note: ESPN Deportes launched here in Chicago, February 1st. It became the first FM spanish sports radio station in Chicago. More after the break

Part of what makes this announcement a pretty big deal, aside from the Fire games being available via radio, is that ESPN Deportes will stream on the internet ( so you can listen at anywhere in the world. If you have app, iHeartRadio, you can listen to the games and ESPN Deportes Chicago via internet, Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows phone, and X-Box. You can go anywhere and listen to Fire games as well as the weekly show.

These are big strides for the Fire to get the "product" out there. It also engages the Hispanic community by being able to listen to the games and get information on the team. If the weekly show is a call in show, it will also allow them to voice their opinions on the Club.