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Chicago Fire vs. FC Dallas - MLS #11 - Gamethread - 7:30 PM CST - NBC Nonstop (Chicago)

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The middle of HATE week is here as the Fire square off tonight against FC Dallas. The Men in Red will no doubt come out of the gates fast and furious to try to avenge the loss to Portland. FC Dallas, on the other hand, comes into the game reeling a bit. They did manage to pull out a draw vs. Philly, but dropped 3 straight contests before that. A Fire/Dallas match is always a good one to watch and hotly contested. I expect more of the same tonight.

As usual, lineups will be posted when made available. Please join us tonight on the gamethread. I am going to predict a 2-0 Fire win. I think Dom will score against his old team, as well as Marco Pappa. And as most Fire fans want, when we win the Brimstone Cup, the club should have a public ceremony and melt it down.