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Chicago Fire vs. Sporting KC - MLS #16 - Gamethread - 7:00 PM CST - NBC Sports

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The Fire are poised to take over prime time MLS action once again tonight vs. Sporting KC. Although KC fans see this as a big "rivalry" game, the Fire will be looking to notch another 3 points to climb away from the pack. There is quite a jumble in the middle of the Eastern Conference standings and the sooner the Fire can put space between us and them, the better.

The task won't be an easy one, as we will be missing Sebastian Grazzini and Gonzalo Segares. Pavel Pardo may or may not be fit for the match, so the lineup could have a few different faces tonight. Livestrong Park is not an easy place to go play, but if the Fire keep up their current form we definitely have a shot at leaving with 3 points.

In the end, given the circumstances and the personnel we are missing, I would be happy with a point. Sure a win would be even better, but taking 1 out of KC shouldn't be looked at as a failure either. I am going to predict a 1-1 tie, with Chris Rolfe and Graham Zusi scoring the goals. As always, lineups will be posted when announced. Join us tonight to cheer on the Fire.