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Fun in the works for Fire/Aston Villa Friendly

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As well all know, the Fire will be playing Aston Villa in a friendly on Saturday, July 21st at 7:30 PM at Toyota Park. However, there is going to be a supporters match between cf97 supporters and Aston Villa supporters. You can hit up the Section 8 website here for details. It should be a fun time for everyone involved, and get supporters pumped up for the friendly that evening.

In even more exciting news, our very own Hot Time In Old Town Twitter account dropped this little nugget a little while ago:

After this news, a debate immediately started to reach out to former Fire players to see if any "ringers" can be brought in. It's safe to say that the Supporters Match should not be missed. If you have a chance to either play in or attend the match, it should be great fun for everyone and create some awesome memories. Some of the best tweets for the game are after the break.