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BREAKING NEWS: Chicago Fire sign Sherjill MacDonald

As has been widely speculated for the past few weeks, the Fire have officially announced the signing of Sherjill MacDonald. Sherjill will begin training with the team today, but can't officially be added to the roster until an International Slot becomes available. The Fire currently have all 8 slots filled. Most fans were expecting that Rafael Robayo might be the one to leave, but I saw a couple of reports yesterday claiming he was staying with the team. Sebastian Grazzini's status is still up in the air. The team obviously isn't going to sign a player and not find a way to open a slot. This leaves us to wonder which player occupying an International Slot will be leaving.

One other thing to note is that Fire Confidential's Guillermo Rivera tweeted this morning that MacDonald will in fact be joining the team as a DP. The Fire need goals and hopefully Sherjill can provide them. The Fire can't afford another DP bust in the mold of Nery Castillo. This signing comes on the heels of New York Red Bulls agreeing to terms with Tim Cahill yesterday in a shocking move to MLS. Welcome to Chicago Sherjill, we hope your stay here is successful and wish you the best.