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Sebastian Grazzini reports link him as signee of Atlético de Rafaela

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Reports from online articles and journalist Twitter accounts have Chicago Fire midfielder Sebastian Grazzini joining Argentine club Atlético de Rafaela. The Argentine playmaker has not played a game for Chicago since the June 23rd match against the Columbus Crew. As he was subbed off in that match, Grazzini infamously lifted up his jersey to reveal a t-shirt that said "Thanks Chicago". The Fire picked up Grazzini's option for another six months later in the week but Grazzini did not travel with the team on the road trip to Kansas City (June 29th) and Houston (July 3rd). On July 6th it was reported that Grazzini was leaving the team indefinitely.

The reports are limited on any kind of details for a deal. No one seems to expect any kind of large transfer fee though. Where it gets interesting is Klopas' admission that there is another option for a full year at the end of this six month period Grazzini is currently signed to. Both Fire Head Coach Frank Klopas and President of Soccer Operations Javier Leon maintain that Grazzini is going through complicated family issues and that's why he returned home. Grazzini has been complimentary of the Fire organization. It's possible that the Fire could loan Grazzini out to Atlético de Rafaela and then pick up his option to return to the team for the 2013 season. My guess is the bridge between the Chicago Fire and Grazzini has been burned but neither side is speaking out against the other.