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Wells Thompson apparently traded to the Chicago Fire

Patrick Nyarko and Wells Thompson: now teammates apparently
Patrick Nyarko and Wells Thompson: now teammates apparently

Rumors about Wells Thompson being traded to the Chicago Fire started yesterday. That's weird I thought. Wells Thompson is a guy that this team doesn't need. The rumors persisted today but the move seemed so odd, I brushed it off. I don't have that luxury anymore as Wells Thompson went to Facebook to post a picture of himself in the Fire's locker room with the words, "Breaking News: Newest Member of the Chicago Fire Team!" (hat tip Burgundy Wave).

All right then, let's look at this apparently done deal after the break.

UPDATE at 8:44 PM CST:

Wells Thompson is a MLS veteran who can provide depth for the midfield and his cost should be very, very low. Problem is Chicago's midfield is already quite filled. Logan Pause, Pavel Pardo, Alex, Alvaro Fernandez, Patrick Nyarko, Daniel Paladini, Corben Bone, Victor Pineda and Michael Videira are all options that I would put on the same level or higher than Thompson. In addition, Thompson reportedly requested a trade away from Colorado in order to get first team minutes. There's no way the 29 year-old American midfielder will be getting a lot of playing time for this team as the Fire battle for a playoff spot. Thompson's salary of $95,313 isn't exactly light either.

The only way this move makes sense is if the Fire see Thompson as a player that might be able to help them out in 2013. There is concern in the Fire's front office about fitting under the salary cap next year. Thompson's salary is high right now but they might be able to negotiate it down. Thompson could also prove to be a replacement for Paladini and Bone.

Bone has received very little playing time and I wouldn't be surprised to see him leave for a Scandinavian team after the season is over ala Baggio Husidic last year. Husidic is reportedly making three times what he made for the Fire and getting good playing time. Paladini was a top player for the Carolina Railhawks 2009-2010, he'll be 28 in November, and he hasn't got that much playing time this year. As the NASL is looking to make a splash, maybe they bring Paladini back and Paladini wants some first team minutes of his own.

I'm eagerly awaiting the other part(s) of this deal. If I had to bet, I'd say the Fire give the Colorado Rapids a late Supplemental Draft Pick. It's possible a higher draft pick and/or an international slot could swap around. Some unknown allocation player might have even gone through the system and fell to Chicago. Based on the tweet below from Rapids President Ted Hinchey, I wouldn't rule it out. I can't imagine this waiting game going past tomorrow.


A conditional draft pick? This means that the better Wells does, the higher the draft pick. It's possible that Colorado will not receive anything at all, not even a late Supplemental Draft Pick. Thompson was born a couple of counties over from Logan Pause in North Carolina. He went to Wake Forest like Corben Bone. He works hard. As long as Thompson pushes the rest of the team and doesn't complain about playing time, it's just fine.