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Brace Yourselves: Change is coming to Hot Time In Old Town

If you don't like change, we've got a problem. Change is coming to Hot Time In Old Town and all of SB Nation sometime very soon. The current layout is acceptable but getting a little dated. The staff here finds it difficult to feature multiple stories at the same time. We'll often defer on covering a smaller story because the chronological publishing order puts the most recent story up top. All of these issues and more have been addressed in a complete redesign known as 'SB Nation United'.

In addition to creating a better dynamic for publishing stories, SB Nation United will feature much faster load times, brighter/sharper content, less clutter, and a setup that is more conducive to the variety of platforms people use in today's world. SB Nation was first designed when the desktop was king. These days people are accessing Hot Time In Old Town on tablets and mobiles just as often as regular computers.

We've been able to work on some beta pages and I couldn't be more excited about what's going to happen. I founded Hot Time In Old Town with the goal of providing the most thorough Chicago Fire coverage out there. I'm not sure if we are there right now or if we'll get there soon but I think SB Nation United is something that will help us drastically improve how we tell Chicago soccer's story.

SB Nation has some test screen shots they created to give you a feel for the new look. Take a look after the break. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about what might be staying and what might be scrapped. We always want to hear the suggestions you have for improving what we do. This post and time in our history provide a unique opportunity to do just that.