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Chicago Fire vs. Sporting KC - MLS #30 - Gamethread - 7:30 PM CST - NBC Sports/97.5 FM

Fire. Sporks. First place on the line. National TV audience. Buses full of Fire fans at Livestrong Park. Enough said.

John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Well, I think the above line says it all. Not much more I can add other than the fact that you better be watching tonight and joining us on the gamethread. If you haven't ever been on a HTIOT gamethread before, there isn't a better time or game to start with than tonight's matchup.

I predicted a 1-1 tie in my match preview and I am sticking with that. I would love to come away with 3 points but I would be happy with 1 considering we are on the road against a very tough defense. Please join us tonight for the festivities. As per usual, lineups will be posted when announced. Let's go Fire!