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Chicago Fire vs. Philadelphia Union - MLS #9 - Gamethread - 12:30 PM CST -NBC Sports/107.9 FM

The Fire are featured on NBC Sports today in a lunchtime showdown with the Union. The Men in Red are coming off another early bye week, and the team again looks to bounce back from a loss

Where, o where is Alex Monteiro de Lima?
Where, o where is Alex Monteiro de Lima?

There has been a lot of debate the past few days about a shakeup of the starting lineup. Clearly the current tactics and personnel choices haven't worked out so well. Is it time to tinker around and try to get something going? Some are calling for a Santos/MacDonald pairing up top, which I find a bit odd do to their more similar play styles. Although Chris Rolfe hasn't been setting the world ablaze, I would sit Mackie before I would sit Rolfe.

Although it's nice to have the play of a hold up forward, it hasn't been doing much for us this year. It's hard to have proper hold up play when the team in general struggles in possession. And when we do have the ball, Mackie hasn't been getting it done in that role. And Santos isn't a clear solution either. Today, I would like to see a Rolfe/Alex pairing up top. He can't do any worse than we have seen this year. Someone from somewhere on the roster needs to give us a spark and soon.

We will find out what in fact the starting lineup is in just a few minutes when I post them. Let's go Fire!