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2013 MLS SuperDraft Thread - LIVE from Indianapolis!

James Coston and Ruben Tisch are live in Indianapolis for the 2013 MLS SuperDraft. The Fire are scheduled to pick first at #30, but things could change quickly.

Jamie Squire

The big day is here.

Well, it would've been bigger had the Chicago Fire not swapped draft picks with the Colorado Rapids to move from #11 to #30. But the Men in Red did get midfielder Jeff Larentowicz in the deal, so there's that.

Nonetheless, James Coston and Ruben Tisch will be live in Indianapolis providing real-time coverage of the draft, so stay connected to everyone on Twitter at @HotTimeOldTown, @JamesCoston and @RubenTisch as well as following the updates on the site as news breaks.

I got the chance to speak with a couple of Fire sources, and it seems like they aren't too high on this year's draft class. Now that could just be them playing coy, but we shall see. We've already seen the Portland Timbers make a move in trading forward Mike Fucito to the San Jose Earthquakes to a second round pick. I highly doubt that'll be the only move today.

What does everything think the Fire will do today? Select a project at #30 and go home? Or will they be wheelin' and dealin' on draft day?