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On His Way Out, Lindpere Leaves The Knife In

Dyspeptic Estonian, now 32, implies practices under Klopas weren't up to snuff

Color Mr. Lindpere unimpressed. Or disgruntled. Or both.
Color Mr. Lindpere unimpressed. Or disgruntled. Or both.

Anyone see Joel Lindpere come into the game Sunday night? Were we all cringing and hiding our faces and composing hate-sonnets and googling 'invoking a demonic patron like, in a hurry'? Because I saw that display of unrequited Jersey-love, and it made me puke in my mouth.

"I think it started from practices. That's what we were missing this year, the good practices." -Joel Lindpere, Chicago Fire midfielder

True, the game was out of hand before Lindpere came on. And it's also true that Mike Petke was surely the Estonian Rocky's Bro. No. 1 in the clubhouse or something. But, c'mon - we are getting our asses kicked here. You're being called on to turn the freakin' tide, as insane as that project doubtless seemed at the time. BUT STILL - is it necessary to slap Petke five as you come on the field?

You read that right - Lindpere is checking into what amounts to a playoff game on the road. And as he checked into the game, he gave the opposing coach five. Not a high-five - more of a low five, like an ultra-fast handshake.

To be clear: There is nothing in Lindpere's ensuing performance which gives rise to the idea that he gave less than his best once on the field. He played well. But showing one's displeasure with management in that way runs the risk of disrespecting the supporters instead. I, for one, as someone who was going into serious emotional turmoil during those minutes, found his joviality (while understandable) both astonishing and infuriating.

It's become clear this is about his feelings about the Fire coaching staff, from whom he did not receive the kind of playing time he'd expected.

Just a few minutes after giving Petke five - judging by the fact that there's an edit that includes Camilo edging Mike Magee for the Golden Boot - Lindpere gave an interview where he says this:"With our quality, we should do better, but I think it's not about one player. It's about the whole team, the whole staff.

"I think it started from practices. That's what we were missing this year, the good practices, the whole team with every single player. And that's makes the difference of a strong team and a little less stronger team."

So that's one sailor off the ship, and one knife in the captain's back. We've word of changes at the Dutch East India Company, too. Anyone have bets on future outcomes?

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