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Orlando City In: MLS Expansion To Continue

Official announcement expected next week; Orlando joins NYCFC as two MLS teams-in-waiting; league blows past FIFA size limit with no end in sight

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Sports Illustrated's Brian Straus is reporting that, in a move that surprised absolutely no one, Orlando is about to be announced as the home of a future MLS expansion team.

It's nice to be exceptional. Despite FIFA's unwillingness to sanction top flights with more than 20 teams in other countries, MLS is poised to move to 21 teams by 2015, when Orlando City and New York City FC join the league. Of course, FIFA has shown remarkable flexibility when dealing with our American cartel in the past, giving MLS a pass on its structural requirements involving promotion and relegation as well as the customary practice of 'sharing down' transfer fees with youth clubs.

Orlando's inclusion continues MLS' recent approach of swallowing up successful lower-division clubs. The model - a sort of 'permanent promotion' - has resulted in the blowout successes of the league in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver.

How's everyone feeling about MLS' business model?

EDIT: Hey, maybe it'll be 22 in 2015? This just in from Michelle Kaufman in regards to a certain former footballer/underwear model and his plans for expansion in Miami:

Remember all that tough talk about expansion cities needing dedicated facilities and an established hunger for top-flight football? Ehhh, me neither.

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