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Frank Yallop on Ríos' Departure

Chicago's Head Coach speaks on declining Ríos' option for 2014.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Zilis has an article up with comments from the Chicago Fire's head coach, Frank Yallop, regarding the decision to not pick up Egidio Arévalo Ríos' option for 2014. Here is what Yallop had to say in Zilis' article:

"I saw Ríos play a few times and he's a good player, but he doesn't fit into what we're doing financially and positionally," Yallop told by phone on Monday. "Something had to give. When there's options on certain players, it give you flexibility for doing that. We have a certain amount of guys who are guaranteed for next season who are very good players. It frees up a little bit of cap room, a good bit of cap room if we need it."

That is a good bit of cap room. Going off of the numbers for 2013, a Designated Player of Ríos' age would be a $368,750 cap hit. That's, like, three Wells Thompsons.

Zilis' article also has quotes from Yallop that give a little bit of insight into what Yallop is tactically thinking for the Fire next season:

With Ríos out of the picture, Yallop intimated that he'd like to play an offensive midfielder in front of Larentowicz or another holding midfielder. Former head coach Frank Klopas started Alex in attacking midfield several times last year, including games when Ríos was gone on international duty, and Yallop said the Brazilian did a "nice job at times."

A diamond midfield? Possibly. I'm gathering from the quotes that Yallop does not seem to have a tactical vision that he is going to try to impose on the Fire. It sounds more like Yallop is evaluating what players he has and is he going to play to their strengths. There is even some discussion about Mike Magee's role for next year.

To get the full Zilis article, bang it here.