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Logan Pause's Option Declined and Other Moves

Yallop is calling a few more shots.

George Frey

With the reentry draft not too far off, the Chicago Fire have announced that they have declined the option on Logan Pause's contract. This will mean that Logan will be available in the re-entry draft this December.

While the Fire are declining Logan's option, it does not mean they do not want him on the team for 2014. Per Anthony Zilis' article:

"I had a really good conversation with Logan, who's a really fine individual, and I want to keep him in the club. I've just got to figure out the capacity," said Yallop. "He's going to go into the Re-Entry Draft but we're hoping he gets through that, and we can figure out what lies ahead for Logan.'

This is a solid move by the Fire. Logan's salary is a too high for a player who will not be starting regularly, and the Fire need to clear out space where they can.

Yallop has stated that he will also be bringing back Homegrown players Kellen Gulley and Victor Pineda.

For Gulley, this move make complete sense. He spent last season on loan with the Atlanta Silverbacks of the NASL and saw a small chunk of playing time. Returning to the Fire in 2014 and possibly getting some first team playing time off the  bench seems to be the next logical step in his progression.

With Pineda, I hope this is a sign that he might actually get an opportunity to prove himself. In four years with the Fire, Pineda has not made a league appearance for the Fire and, unlike Gulley, has not had the benefit of being loaned out. It would seem almost cruel to hang on to him for another year and not let him see any action.

Yallop also had a quote regarding the departure of Paolo Tornaghi:

Then, there's the matter of finding a backup goalkeeper after parting ways with Tornaghi, who Yallop said had a salary that was "pretty high for a backup."

According to the MLSPU, Tornaghi was making $46,500 (both base and guaranteed), which is the minimum that players who occupy roster spots 1 - 24 can make. Judging from Yallop's statement, Tornaghi was probably being paid more than the books show. It would make sense if Tornaghi compensated more than publicly announced, otherwise, why would he bother to come to the States?

Yallop also explains in the article that he has been a little too busy to hire his staff just yet, but assures that there will be more news on that front in the coming weeks