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Blissful Thinking: Brian Bliss to fill Player Personnel Role with Fire?

Reports are surfacing that the former Columbus Crew technical director might be headed to Chicago.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports is reporting that former Columbus Crew technical director and interim-head coach, Brian Bliss, might become Frank Yallop's first coaching hire since taking over for the Chicago Fire. Per the article:

Former Columbus Crew technical director and interim head coach Brian Bliss won’t be unemployed for long. Sources tell Goal USA that Bliss is in talks with the Chicago Fire about a player personnel role. The Fire hired Frank Yallop as both head coach and technical director, and Bliss could help offer Yallop the support he will need handling both roles for the first time in his MLS coaching career.

Bliss became the technical director of the Crew in January of 2008, which was the year that the team won their only MLS Cup title. Bliss would bring a lot of experience to the Fire and would help Yallop greatly in navigating the non-coaching side of his new job. In the five years he spent with the Crew, Bliss over saw a number of player transactions, most recently the acquisitions of Federico Higuain and Jairo Arrieta.

Hot Time was actually tipped off to the above story. Along with the above article, an article on Dominic Oduro's tumultuous career and questionable future was also included. Dominic is out of contract with the Crew, an the article does include a quote from Bliss on Oduro:

Interim head coach Brian Bliss says Oduro has been a positive presence from the start. While natural questions arise when a player is traded several times, Bliss saw no evidence of a poisonous personality when he conducted his pre-trade research.

"From what we've seen here, he's been nothing but a good guy in the locker room," Bliss says. "I can't see his being traded as being a trademark of his personality."

Bliss also states in the article that he would love to keep Oduro in Columbus if the contract number is right. If Bliss is hired by the Fire and Oduro is not signed by Columbus, could we see Oduro return to Chicago? The Fire probably will not want to keep Maicon Santos, and the team could use some insurance if Juan Luis Anangonó does not take his game to the next level in 2014. It is a lot of speculation, but it is not that far fetched.