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Are the Fire Pursuing Joe Cole?

Is Joe Cole considering a move stateside in January? Maybe he is. Maybe he is not.

Jan Kruger

The Guardian is reporting that West Ham midfielder Joe Cole is looking to move to Major League Soccer. The article suggests that Cole is being watched by three MLS clubs- FC Dallas, D.C. United and the Chicago Fire.

As with most Guardian articles surrounding rumors, the article is fairly short and has little substantial information in it. West Ham was recently taken apart by Chelsea 3-0, a match in which Cole was subbed off before half time.

Before naming the three MLS clubs supposedly interested in Cole, however, the Guardian glosses over the fact that Cole has "reiterated his loyalty to West Ham."

The Daily Express has a longer article on Cole's situation with quotes from the 32 year-old about his situation with the club:

"I was as frustrated as anyone after Saturday's game with Chelsea but my only focus at the moment is on getting my head down, working hard and helping the team out of the difficult run we're going through at the moment," he told West Ham's official club website.

It's really hard to make out if there is anything to any of this. It seems odd that the Guardian is specifically naming the MLS and three teams in the league. Then again, they could just be doing it to stir things up, and Joe Cole is one of those players in England whose name has been linked to MLS in the past.

I've read a few articles on this rumor, and none of the articles indicate that Cole ever mentioned anything about wanting to leave the club. They all state that he was frustrated, which is understandable. What player would not be pissed about getting subbed off before the half?

Maybe, in a moment of butt-hurt diva rage, Cole demanded, "That's it! Send me to the MLS!" as a threat, and then maybe all of his teammates chuckled and said, "Okay, David Beckham." There is a lot of "maybe" in that imagined scenario, but it could have happened.

All in all, there is not a whole lot of meat to this story, but the thought of Joe Cole wearing Fire red next year makes me feel warm and tingly inside.