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Welcome to the FireDome: Chicago Fire Announce Plans to Build Soccer Center

Chicago Fire plan to open a soccer center on the city's north side.

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The Chicago Fire announced today that they have plans to build a 140,000 square foot soccer center on Talman Avenue. The center will feature two full sized soccer fields and would operate year-round.

Here is what Fire owner Andrew Hauptman had to say about the development of the Chicago Fire Soccer Center in the official press release:

"We are thrilled to extend the Chicago Fire presence within the city," said Chicago Fire owner and chairman of Andell Inc, Andrew Hauptman. "We are investing in this site to increase awareness of the organization and create more accessibility for both new and existing soccer fans. We want the Chicago Fire brand to have a positive impact on the community."

The addition of the Chicago Fire Soccer Center would be a huge boost for the organization as there are many benefits that could come form this. One major benefit would be the center's proximity to downtown. It will help the club be more visible in the Chicago area.

The center would also be the central location for the Chicago Fire Academy. While the Academy has done well in its existence, the academy does have competition from some other local youth organizations. The amenities that the Chicago Fire Soccer Center would offer could be an additional incentive when recruiting local talent.

Crain's Chicago Business has a more detailed article on how the idea of the Chicago Fire Soccer Center came to fruition and what other plans the club has in store for the center.

The club is expecting to have the center open late next summer and is currently searching for a corporate sponsor for the center.