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MLS Transfer Rumor: Rosicky Weighing Post-Arsenal Plans

Would CF97 supporters like to see the long-time Arsenal man in Fire red?

The Czech maestro has 139 appearances for Arsenal since transferring from Borussia Dortmund in 2006.
The Czech maestro has 139 appearances for Arsenal since transferring from Borussia Dortmund in 2006.
Michael Regan

The Fire midfield can be viewed as an incomplete concerto, lacking a crescendo. Perhaps a little Mozart can be infused to add the final touches. Enter "little Mozart" himself – Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky. Arsenal’s number seven is the latest BPL-based player linked with a possible move to MLS.

With attributes that include pace, quick thinking, and creative vision, the Czech Republic attacker has been an Arsenal mainstay since his transfer from Borussia Dortmund in 2006. He has made 138 career appearances for the Gunners entering Sunday, and has scored 22 total goals in all competitions. Most of his pay has been earned setting up the likes of Thierry Henry and Robin Van Persie, among others.

Rosicky has made it clear that he would like to finish his career at Arsenal, but has not ruled out returning to his native Prague, and the club (Sparta Prague) where he started his career. MLS at this point seems like a clear cut plan B, and of course there is no word on which clubs in MLS he’d like to play for.

Fans who have watched Tomas Rosicky over the years would either view him as a valuable piece that is needed in midfield, or an aging luxury that takes up a DP slot. Let’s view the arguments for a possible Fire move to obtain Rosicky:

The Argument For

-Fills a hole as the attacking midfielder that has long been desired

-Will provide top notch service to Mike Magee and (hopefully) Juan Luis Anangonó up top

-Possibly draw the many Euro/Arsenal fans in Chicagoland to games


-Will take up a DP slot

-Wrong side of 30, and a considerable injury history

-If MLS is plan B, will he take playing here seriously?

-Perhaps he’s not a big enough name to attract the average Euro/Arsenal fan

A play for Rosicky by the Fire seems unlikely but not impossible. If he is brought to Chicago, it will show the faith Yallop and company have in Anangonó as a DP. It also shows a willingness to bring in a known player, from a top league, whose talents are a clear upgrade over any player on the roster who plays a similar position. On the flipside, one can’t blame the top brass for not wanting to risk a big investment in an aging, short-term player whose motivation could be a question mark.

So far this season in the BPL, Rosicky has made 13 appearances for Arsenal in all competitions. If you care to do some scouting of your own, the Gunners take on Newcastle this Sunday with kickoff set for 7:30am CST. The match can be viewed on NBC SportsNet.