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A Quick Note About Today's Game (Updated)

Jonathan Daniel

HTIOT streams games on the site whenever possible. I just received word from Jeff Crandall that due to a different way that the match is being streamed today, we have to try to make a bit of a workaround happen. Since the Fire aren't using their own feed, we are at the mercy of the USL feed.

We should have the video up on the site this afternoon. I just received this new info, so I wanted to pass it along to everyone. Please check back around 4 PM CST and join us in watching the match. If all else fails, you can catch the action on the official Fire website. Let's go Fire!


After trying to get the embed to work I was not able to do it. Again, since this all goes through the USL site for the CCC, we don't have the control like we did when the Fire ran the feeds. I will attempt to have future CCC games up for our HTIOT readers. Sorry about the inconvenience. It will be nice when the regular season starts and we won't have this problem.