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Join the Chicago soccer writing community

Join the Chicago soccer writing community


When I first started Hot Time In Old Town back in September 2010, the soccer media world was a very different place. Part of the whole reason I founded the site was because I felt there wasn't enough media coverage on the Chicago Fire. There's still a long way to go but the amount of coverage the Fire get now compared to back in 2010 is staggering. It's much better in quality and in volume.

Along the way Hot Time In Old Town's mission has expanded to give a voice to the most engaged Fire fans and to provide a workshop environment so that Chicago centric soccer writing can continue to grow. This past season we saw that happen as Hot Time In Old Town alums moved on to write for, start their own podcast/website, join the Board of Directors for Section 8 Chicago, or start their own radio show. That's after just 2- 2½ years.

If you are interested in being part of this environment, please send a 600+ word writing sample on one of the following topics:

- The Chicago Fire's place in the Chicago sports market and how the team could improve it

- The most glaring problem for the Chicago Fire on the field at the moment and what can be done to fix it

- Your favorite Chicago Fire moment of all-time

- Chicago's place in the soccer world

In addition, please let us know how you think your writing would fit in with the rest of Hot Time In Old Town and any experience you have as a writer. Experience is not required. Many times the best writers for this format have no formal experience at all.

Hot Time In Old Town is always looking to expand coverage on any and every element related to Chicago and soccer. If you want to cover the Chicago Fire from the press box, write about the Chicago Soul, cover the Fire academy games, interview Chicago Red Stars players, do a five piece series on Section 8 tifo, write about your soccer rec league in Libertyville, tell stories of the Fire's past, tell stories of the Sting's past, expand the boundaries of Chicago and look to Milwaukee, St. Louis, or Indianapolis, the sky is the limit if you have a compelling and engaged voice.

Please send writing samples and any questions to Let's keep Chicago soccer writing growing.