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Grilling With Fire Part 1: Daniel Paladini

A fun interview series with your favorite Fire Players. We sit down and "grill" them with 26 questions that are in the vein of light-hearted and fun.

Ned Dishman

Here at HTIOT we spend much of the time writing about topics that tend to be serious. We thought we would try to change it up a bit and try something new. I thought it would be fun to ask members of the Chicago Fire some questions that aren't your typical serious questions by nature. So I came up with 27 questions for this first act. In the future we plan to aggregate different questions from the entire HTIOT crew.

Here is the first installment (hopefully many more to come) of what I would like to call "Grilling with Fire". Our first guest is Fire midfielder Daniel Paladini. So enjoy and if you would like us to interview a certain Fire player please let us know in the comment section.

Hot Time - Favorite Chicago neighborhood?

Daniel Paladini- "Old Town."

Hot Time - Favorite Chicago cultural institution?

Daniel Paladini- "Natural History Museum."

Hot Time - Favorite Chicago restaurant?

Daniel Paladini- "Sunda."

Hot Time - Favorite Chicago sports team besides the Fire?

Daniel Paladini- "Bulls."

Hot Time - Favorite vacation spot?

Daniel Paladini- "Lake Naciemento."

Hot Time - Top 3 bands on your IPod?

Daniel Paladini- "Macklemore, XX, Bruno Mars."

Hot Time - Favorite movie?

Daniel Paladini- "Gladiator."

Hot Time - Favorite word?

Daniel Paladini- "Dude."

Hot Time - Least favorite word?

Daniel Paladini- "Using the Lord's name in vain."

Hot Time - Favorite food to cook?

Daniel Paladini- Filet Mignon

Hot Time - If you had to have dinner with 3 people past or present who would it be?

Daniel Paladini- "Uncle Ariel, Xavi-Iniesta (cause they are like one) and Jesus."

Hot Time - Favorite sport besides soccer?

Daniel Paladini- "Golf."

Hot Time - If you play FIFA, favorite team to play with?

Daniel Paladini- "Barcelona."

Hot Time - If you weren't playing for the Fire, is there another team that you would love to play for?

Daniel Paladini- "Barcelona."

Hot Time - In your soccer career, what has been the best on field moment for you?

Daniel Paladini- "Being named Man of the Match against the New York Red Bulls on April 7, 2013."

Hot Time - Most embarrassing moment on the field?

Daniel Paladini- "I've been lucky enough not to experience any embarrassing moments on the field."

Hot Time - Biggest joker on the team?

Daniel Paladini- "Joel Lindpere."

Hot Time - Who is you roommate for away games?

Daniel Paladini- "Arne Friedrich."

Hot Time - Teammate with the best fashion sense?

Daniel Paladini- "Duh me!! LOL."

Hot Time - Teammate with the worst fashion sense?

Daniel Paladini- "Hunter Jumper. Sorry dude."

Hot Time - Teammate with the worst taste in music?

Daniel Paladini- "Again, Hunter Jumper."

Hot Time - Hardest working teammate?

Daniel Paladini- "Logan Pause."

Hot Time - Best city to play in other than Chicago?

Daniel Paladini- "LA."

Hot Time - Worst city to play in?

Daniel Paladini- "Boston, against the Revs. The turf isn't great and there aren't that many fans so the atmosphere isn't the best."

Hot Time - What do you do to unwind after training or after a game?

Daniel Paladini- "I like going to coffee shops, especially Floriale."

Hot Time - Favorite former Fire player?

Daniel Paladini- "Chris Armas."

Hot Time - What goes on your hotdog?

Daniel Paladini- "Chili and cheese."