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Chicago Fire vs. Columbus Crew - MLS #15 - Gamethread - 7:00 PM CST -My50/107.9 FM

Buses full of the Fire faithful are rolling towards Cowtown as we speak. The Firehouse East invasion is once again snaking its way towards Crew Stadium

The Firehouse East invasion will be in full force tonight
The Firehouse East invasion will be in full force tonight
Jamie Sabau

One of the most fun games of the year is almost upon us. The Men in Red head into Columbus riding a hot streak, bringing a good deal of confidence with them. The team seems to finally be starting to figure it out. With a playoff push to continue, a well as a USOC game on tap next Wednesday, the Fire will look to notch a couple more wins.

First things first though. We have a yellow team to beat, something the Fire have been good at the past couple of years. The Men in Red will need to find other scorers to step up somehow if Mike Magee and his automatic scoring boots can't play. Hopefully we will see number 9 out there. If not, the recent surge in form should help spur some of the other players to step up their game.

As always, we invite you to join us tonight on the gamethread. Lineups will be posted when announced. I picked a 3-1 win for the Fire in my Fireside Chat. I am going to stick by that. Let's go Fire!