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Anangono Lie To You: It's A Fire News Roundup (Updated)

With the euphoric feeling of the Fire's 4-1 thrashing of DC United Saturday night still in effect, here are a few Fire news nuggets for you to chew on

Mackie's time in Chicago is nearly at it's end
Mackie's time in Chicago is nearly at it's end

The biggest bit (or two bits of news, if you will) regard imminent roster changes. By now, most fans have probably heard that a new DP signing is imminent- and one that is a striker no less. No, it's not a name like Diego Forlan. Various outlets, including an official update by the club itself, help shed light on who this player will be. It looks to be a 24 year old Ecuadorian forward by the name of Juan Luis Anangono. He had a good scoring ratio with El Nacional, netting 30 times in 73 appearances. Currently he is playing on loan for Argentinos Juniors of the Argentine Primera Division.

[BREAKING: Word continues to filter out of South America that this is a done deal. We are still awaiting confirmation from Fire sources, but Ecuadorian journalist Oscar Ortega tweeted this this morning. We will update as events dictate. - ed.]

Looking at this signing, I do like it, taking it at face value. It's not as risky as some of our more recent additions in my opinion, and one of the best things is that Anangono is only 24. Obviously, he must prove himself in MLS and in Chicago before we get too carried away, but his young age opens up the door for a longer stay in Chicago if things end up working out. Thus, it's not the feeling you get with a "rental player" who is nearing the end of his career when he comes to MLS. He will take up a DP slot when combining his transfer fee with his expected pay. This means he won't break the bank (while leaving some supporters still asking for "Keane-like money"), and seems to offer exponentially more value to the dollar than a certain Sherjill MacDonald before he has even played his first game for the Fire.

Speaking of Sherjill, the link above also mentions the club is trying to secure a loan deal for him. To be honest, that is what both parties need so it's good if one can be secured soon. It's clearly not working out here. He can leave and get playing time, and he won't continue to alienate fans and teammates here in Chicago. And Frank won't have to keep wasting a spot in the 18 on him when he shouldn't be playing.

Third kit contest update

While this is news from several days ago, we here at HTIOT wanted to make sure that everyone was made aware of the Third Kit Design contest. Check out the link for full rules and design templates. The FO has listened to the cries for a proper third kit, and have finally announced a contest to include the fans in the creation of the final product. It should be noted that rules and stipulations do exist. For example, Fire fans across the country are not included. Fans must live within 75 miles of Bridgeview. There goes my amateur Photoshop plans.

Other rules are in place for the design, which must include the Quaker logo on the front of the jersey, which is to be expected. Here's to hoping that the final product will be the third kit that we have wanted for years. In the end, I think the FO will realize just how important it is to listen to and acknowledge supporters on passionate issues like this. Getting the fans involved in helping design the jersey was a necessity, and I'm excited to see what end product comes out of it. The new jersey will be debuted for the club's anniversary game in 2014. It's safe to say if the jersey is done right, yours truly will be buying a Magee #9 next year.

Free Fire app is free

The newly re-designed Fire mobile app is now out, and it looks great. Better yet, it's free. There's nothing like the feeling of being able to walk around with full access to the Fire in your pocket. I downloaded it yesterday and checked it out. It is certainly living up to it's billing as a fresh new re-design.