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Juan Luis Anangono Meets the Press


Juan Luis Anangono, the newest member of the Chicago Fire, was interviewed by the media on Tuesday at a press conference. Anangono spoke with the media through an interpreter. The video of the interview was posted here at the Chicago Fire website, but I've embedded the video below in case you didn't feel like clicking your mouse more than once (you're welcome):

Juan Luis Anangono is not a big household name, but the Fire felt strongly enough about the 24 year old Ecuadorian to make him the 5th designated player the club has brought in to the MLS and the 7th designated player to join the club.

Over the past few season, Frank Klopas has been searching for a big, imposing striker to put in his lineup. Orr Barouch, Christian Nazarit, Gabriel Ferrari, Sherjil MacDonald and Maicon Santos are the ones I can think of immediately off the top of my head. All of these player were big guys who stood at 6 feet or taller, but none of them performed well enough to become a regular starter. Sherjil MacDonald had the most successful run out of the bunch thus far, and he appears to be on his way out.

So Juan Luis is the latest candidate in Klopas' search for a big number nine. Fortunately, Juan Luis seems to feel that he's not terribly far off from being match fit, so we should be seeing him on the field soon in the upcoming weeks.

I know nothing about this player, but he seems to be young and ambitious. He's not choosing to come to the Fire just for a paycheck, but because he sees it as an opportunity. I'm intrigued by this signing and have a feeling that he is going to be good for the team. Besides, the law of averages dictates that the Front Office needs to strike gold at some point.