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A Change In Management: Stewardship, Not Ownership

Sean Spence named new Editor-in-Chief of HTIOT; Mark O'Rourke steps up to Editor

First this, from Ryan Sealock, the outgoing Editor-in-Chief:

As many wise people have said, all good things must come to an end. While blogging for the Fire in an editorial role has been a privilege, it is time to pass the torch to Sean and Mark for HTIOT version 3.0.

I will never forget the day I found the blog that Tweed Thornton founded. I remember searching the Internet for "Chicago Fire blog", and the newly minted Hot Time In Old Town popped up at the top of the list. The rest was history.

As Tweed stepped back and I transitioned into the role of editor, I appreciated even more how fun it was to cover the Fire on a regular basis. With that role comes a great amount of work too. In recent months, my work and family responsibilities have simply not allowed me to do the job as editor that HTIOT deserves.

Thus, the time is right to hand the torch over to Sean Spence and Mark O'Rourke. They have been tremendous writers for the site, and I know they will take HTIOT to an even loftier height. I would like to sincerely thank every writer, past and present that I have had the pleasure to work with. I also have to give a huge thank you to every reader that has visited the site, past and present. Your support has been immeasurable.

As always, let's go Fire!

I cannot say enough about the good work done here by Tweed, James, Ryan and a cast of thousands. They leave Mark and I with a roster of solid writers, a legacy of interesting content, and a base of passionate community members. Thank you, again and again, fellas, for the work you've done - and continue to do! Don't think I'll stop asking you to write just because you're not running things!

I view the task here not as ownership, but stewardship - much like I view Andy Hauptman's role with the Fire, by the way, but that is a topic for another time. What Mark and I are going to try to do is take this flame, steadily burning, and fan it into a more dramatic conflagration. We want the Fire to be the best team in the league, year after year, through dint of hard work and cunning; similarly, we want Hot Time to feature the best commentary, analysis and features on the Fire anywhere in the world. And to do this, we're going to need you.

If you love the Fire, and something interesting happens you wish to write about, write about it! Send it to us. We will work with you to make it sing, regardless of your experience.

If you love the Fire, and take some interesting pictures or video, share them with us! We will display your awesomeness for all the world to coo at and develop jealous rages over.

If you love the Fire, and are among the 52 percent of the globe which is cloven, not crested - write for us! I said 'fellas' in the first paragraph above advisedly. Women are dramatically under-represented in this world, and that is something I intend to change. Help us keep this from becoming 'Mansplaining The Fire,' won't you?

This isn't mine. It isn't Mark's. It isn't even Tweed's, although he was here first. It's yours, and yours, and yours. We can make a better future, but not without you.