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Grilling with Fire, Part 3: Jeff "Big Red" Larentowicz

In the next installment of “Grilling with Fire”, Hot Time sits down with the Fire vice captain Jeff Larentowicz, more commonly known as “Big Red”. We ask him the same 27 questions that we have asked in the past and some answers are pretty unique. Enjoy.

Jeff Larentowicz? Jeff Larentowicz!
Jeff Larentowicz? Jeff Larentowicz!

Hot Time - Favorite Chicago neighborhood?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Under the Lake Street El in the West Loop."

Hot Time - Favorite Chicago cultural institution?

Jeff Larentowicz- "The Art Institute."

Hot Time - Favorite Chicago restaurant?

Jeff Larentowicz- "JP Graziano's."

Hot Time - Favorite Chicago sports team besides the Fire?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Blackhawks."

Hot Time - Favorite vacation spot?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Kauai."

Hot Time - Top 3 bands on your IPod?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, The Flamingos and The Platters. Been listening to a doo wop collection all summer."

Hot Time - Favorite movie?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Rushmore or Hoop Dreams."

Hot Time - Favorite word?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Bougainvillea."

Hot Time - Least favorite word?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Why."

Hot Time - Favorite food to cook?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Fish curry."

Hot Time - If you had to have dinner with 3 people past or present who would it be?

Jeff Larentowicz- "My grandparents."

Hot Time - Favorite sport besides soccer?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Golf."

Hot Time - If you play FIFA, favorite team to play with?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Don't play FIFA."

Hot Time - If you weren't playing for the Fire, is there another team that you would love to play for?

Jeff Larentowicz- "'93 Phillies."

Hot Time - In your soccer career, what has been the best on field moment for you?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Any time I played with my club team in Philadelphia growing up, FC Delco Arsenal 83-84."

Hot Time - Most embarrassing moment on the field?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Red cards here and there."

Hot Time - Biggest joker on the team?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Yazid Atouba."

Hot Time - Who is you roommate for away games?

Jeff Larentowicz- "I've roomed with many players this season but most recently I've been rooming with Dilly Duka."

Hot Time - Teammate with the best fashion sense?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Jalil usually matches his outfits."

Hot Time - Teammate with the worst fashion sense?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Austin Berry and Hunter Jumper look like they've just rolled out of a freshman dorm on most days."

Hot Time - Teammate with the worst taste in music?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Not sure."

Hot Time - Hardest working teammate?

Jeff Larentowicz- "All of our goalkeepers do more work than any other player on our team."

Hot Time - Best city to play in other than Chicago?

Jeff Larentowicz- "LA."

Hot Time - Worst city to play in?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Columbus, OH."

Hot Time - What do you do to unwind after training or after a game?

Jeff Larentowicz- "After games I have a beer, after training I have some lunch and a snooze."

Hot Time - Favorite former Fire player?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Dave Mahoney."

Hot Time - What goes on your hotdog?

Jeff Larentowicz- "Everything."