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Looking Down Mid-Jump, #cf97 Sees The Shark Somewhere Below

#cf97 Communications Director Dan Lobring shares his thoughts with the Internet, which responds by requesting a less sharing relationship

Buncha dudes grousing on the internet? Release the Lobring!
Buncha dudes grousing on the internet? Release the Lobring!

It's hard to know what to say sometimes, y'know? And when your job is saying things, it presents a problem, this trouble with knowing what to say.

For instance, here in Fire-land, we have this bit of loveliness from Chicago Fire Communications Director Dan Lobring. Highlights include a foul-mouthed fan making Mr. Lobring sad, a quick tour of the comportment clauses of the ISA charter, and, if I recall correctly, tears of shame and rage. I'm not 100% on the last part; the tears may have been self-pity.

But, how to respond? There's an entire language of awkwardness in face-to-face conversation - the look aways, the hunch-your-shoulders, the incredulous half-turn to include others - none of which avail here. If someone broke into the house during dinner, maybe a coworker, maybe he's had a bit to drink - that, at least, would be a real situation. This?

Well, thankfully, this all took place on the Internet. Sometimes the beauty of the Internet is other people do the talking for you.

Somewhere the sun is shining. Somewhere the birds are singing. Somewhere, the skies are bright. But there is no joy in Fireville - mighty Lobring has struck out.

EDIT: Reaction from elsewhere: the Cman; shorter comment routinely by absolutely everyone on Twitter. This story has broken out to a larger audience, thanks to Deadspin picking it up. As of 1 p.m. CST, the story was atop the Chicago Tribune homepage. Who said the Fire couldn't get coverage out of the Trib?