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Chicago v. Houston - MLS # 25 - Fireside Chat

Three questions with Dynamo Theory


Right now the Eastern Conference playoff race is like a group of teenagers trying to cram as many people into a port-a-potty for poops'n giggles. Only so many people can fit inside a port-a-potty and both the Chicago Fire and Houston Dynamo are left lingering outside.

On Sunday, the Fire will get to duke it out with the Dynamo in a pivotal game to keep the dream alive of getting stuffed inside that port-a-potty of a playoff picture. It's also the last time these two teams will meet this regular season, and finally it gets to take place at Toyota Park.

Alicia Tolar, writer at Dynamo Theory and co-host of Radio Cuju, answered some questions from us here at HTIOT. I also answered a few questions for her which will be available over at Dynamo Theory in the not so distant future. Enjoy!

I'm not sure I can recall the Dynamo ever getting blown out in their history. In your opinion, what went wrong in Montreal? (via Mark O'Rourke)

Who? We just had a one week bye right?

We played a quick fast paced attacking style with a high defensive line that Montreal had completely prepared for. We left them tons of space in the back and they waltzed right through it.The midfield failed to trackback through out the game leaving it to the defense who looked slow and a bit lazy. Di Vaio killed them on the break repeatedly and Tally Hall was left with too much work and little chance.

Tally Hall was one of the most talked about goal keepers in MLS last season, but we haven't heard much about him this season. Is he having a down year in 2013? (via Ryan Sealock)

I don't know that Hall is as much as our defense is. He is having to work harder this season to keep goals allowed down. Our back line has let this team down on more occasions than I care to remember as they have repeatedly gotten caught ball watching or failing to mark their man. I also think that some of the saves that he has had haven't been as 'highlight reel' material as they were last season. Solid saves but not as many jaw droppers.

The Dynamo recently signed midfielder Alexander Lopez from C.D. Olimpia, a team in Honduras. What role do you think he will play in the Dynamo lineup and do you expect that he will start on Sunday? (via Mark O'Rourke)

I don't think he is ready to start yet. He started this past week during our CCL match against Arabe Unido and it was a mixed result. He had a poor first half not sending or receiving passes well but in the second things seemed to click better for him. The second half also saw Boniek Garcia and Brad Davis come on and the passing improved through out the team.

I think he will be subbed on for a few more MLS matches before we see him start unless Dominic Kinnear is seeing something in practice that we haven't seen yet. He has the skill but now we just need for the chemistry and trust to be built.