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A half assed look at the Chicago Fire's half assed draw against Toronto FC. Is half assed supposed to be hyphenated? I don't care enough to Google it.

This picture about sums it up.
This picture about sums it up.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

If some one unfamiliar with what was going on in the  MLS season watched the Chicago Fire take on Toronto FC last night, they might be surprised to find that Chicago could move into a playoff spot by beating Toronto. This was one of the most lackadaisical performances I've seen from cf97. I wish I could blame it on midweek fatigue, but Toronto also had a game in the northwest just a few days earlier, so no excuses there. The Fire just did not show up.

How does a team go from a crushing draw at home by giving up a late equalizer one week, to giving the Seattle Sounders hell in their own home the following week and then cap it all off with a tepid, milk toast performance against one of the worst teams in the league when there is an opportunity to jump into a playoff spot? That right there is disappointment in three different flavors - a napoleon ice cream of sadness.

With that said, there was nothing really worth noting on the Opta chalkboard, but here are a few observations anyways.

Alex's Inconsistency

I like Alex a lot and really want to see him take his game to another level. He had a very solid performance offensively against Houston (3 key passes). Against Seattle, Alex was not as influential on offense, but he was defensively stout (5 tackles and 14 recoveries).

In Toronto, Alex started off hot but then disappeared from the game. In the opening 20 minutes of the match, Alex had a key pass, won 2 tackles and had 6 recoveries. For the rest of his time on the field after those 20 minutes, Alex had 4 recoveries and a shot off target.

 photo Alex2boards_zps291d2901.jpeg

ABOVE: Alex's disappearing act - first 20 minutes on the left; final 58 minutes on the right

Jeff Larentowicz

Jeff had an okay night taking care of the center of the field. He  7 recoveries, 4 interceptions, a block and his usual one tackle per game. He also took care of the ball, completing 34 out of 42 passes, one of which was key pass.

 photo JeffLaren_zpsba0a39d7.png

Chris Rolfe

Chris Rolfe had a decent night. He had 3 keys passes and was credited with an assist on Dilly Duka's "goal". He also helped out defensively with 2 tackles, 5 recoveries, 3 clearances and an interception.

 photo ChrisRolfe_zpse5ade315.png

On the flip side, none of his 3 shots were on target and he was also dispossessed 7 times.