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Who To Boo: Sept. 21 Edition

Bevy of East-vs-West matchups make this weekend a simple one for scoreboard-watching

This tifo is SO LAST WEEK. Then: Columbus, sacred cradle of dos a cero. Now: Manure-besmirched cow-town mostly notable for hosting various Fire triumphs in last 14 years.
This tifo is SO LAST WEEK. Then: Columbus, sacred cradle of dos a cero. Now: Manure-besmirched cow-town mostly notable for hosting various Fire triumphs in last 14 years.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

"Who to Boo" has had some deal of success getting the Fire the results they needed from other teams. Last week, we finally convinced the soccer gods to bring their wrath onto a Fire opponent. There has been a good deal of belly-aching from the Bent Musket's Whine and Geez party. But after taketh-ing away 3 points from us v. Houston and Seattle, we got a little giveth last week from the soccer gods. It was great to see the team get aggressive again after sleepwalking through the mid-week tie against Toronto. The image that sticks with me from the match is Mike Magee harpooning the corner flag into the turf after knotting the game up in the second half. It also helped that CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying was finished.

There is no ambiguity on who we're rooting against this weekend. The playoff contenders are either playing Western Conference opposition or the Eastern bottom feeders. All the teams in contention get a chance to make up their game in hand against Philly who will be nervously couch-gating this weekend from below the playoff water line. So, let's speak words into reality.

Columbus v CHICAGO

Who to boo: Nordecke

Last week, Crew Stadium was sacred ground. Home of "Dos a Cero". This week it's Firehouse East. Caravans of the truly faithful are again preparing to invade our friends from the Buckeye State. Be sure to bring your brooms because the Fire are going for the season sweep. Four of the final six games are on the road and current form predicts that we're going to get a mere four points from those road games. So let's snag three of them on Saturday!

Also, looking at the Soccer America Power rankings, there may be more road points to harvest in the other three road tilts. Fire road opponents are shown in bold.

Soccer America Power Rankings

1. SEATTLE (15-8-4)
2. COLORADO (12-8-9)
3. REAL SALT LAKE (14-9-6)
4. NEW YORK (14-9-6)
5. LOS ANGELES (13-10-5)
7. MONTREAL (13-8-6)
8. PORTLAND (10-5-13)
9. CHICAGO (11-11-6)
10. NEW ENGLAND (10-11-7)
11. HOUSTON (11-10-7)
12. PHILADELPHIA (10-10-9)
13. SAN JOSE (10-11-8)
14. FC DALLAS (10-8-10)
15. CHIVAS USA (6-15-8)
16. VANCOUVER (10-10-8)
17. COLUMBUS (10-14-5)
18. TORONTO FC (4-14-11)
19. D.C. UNITED (3-19-6)


Who to boo: Revolution

New England is looking to rebound from a game they are convinced was stolen from them by poor officiating. Perhaps they've convinced themselves that they actually played well enough to deserve a victory and will not give United proper respect.


Who to boo: Houston

Every team in the Western Conference is still in contention for a playoff spot. Every team except Chivas. That we gave up 4 goals to this team at home is sad. There is little to hope for out of this game, so even a draw would be cause for celebration.


Who to boo: Kansas City

Toronto is in "Wait ‘til next year" mode. KC has been hot and cold and they have a big game against the Union next week. A trip north of the border may be just enough of a challenge to deny them the 3 points they need to fend off the challenge from teams below them in the table.

MONTREAL v Vancouver

Who to boo: Impact

I don't know if these all-Canada matchups are given the "derby" label but I think, after its Cascadia games, Vancouver looks for good results against its domestic rivals. Montreal has shown signs of weakness, 2 losses and a draw in their last 4 games. But, they have games in hand on all their challengers, so even a tie helps cement their place in the table. However, their next game is in Bridgeview. So, if Di Vaio feels a need to run his mouth needlessly and get a silly red card, who are we to complain? Jeb Brovsky is also one yellow away from a trip to the sin bin.

NEW YORK v Dallas

Who to boo: NYRB

Doesn't really affect the Fire one way or the other. I'm not sure where UniMas is on my satellite network anyway.

Los Angeles v Seattle

Who to boo: Seattle

Just because I hate the buggers. A lot of USMNT players involved in this one so the main hope is everyone stays healthy in what looks to be a pretty savory matchup.