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MLS Transfers: Prepare for Re-Entry, Stage One

Fire have the fourth pick in Friday's bad-contract fire sale

Vancouver's Carlyle Mitchell (R) is one of the more-affordable options on the board for Friday's Re-Entry Draft Stage One
Vancouver's Carlyle Mitchell (R) is one of the more-affordable options on the board for Friday's Re-Entry Draft Stage One
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As the Fire continue to add more warm bodies to the roster during this off season, they have a chance at adding more Friday afternoon. That is when the Stage One of the MLS Re-Entry Draft takes place at 2 p.m. CST. It involves 62 players that can be selected for their 2015 option price. The list of the available players and selection order can be found over at Any player not selected moves on to Stage Two of the draft, which takes place December 18.

Normally Stage One doesn't offer much in terms of teams participating, but the Fire could have a chance to get some quality with the 4th pick. Here are some names that might interest Yallop and his braintrust:

  • Marvell Wynne: The 28 year old defender can play inside or outside on the backline. He is fast and built like a rock and has been a regular in the back for the Rapids over the past 4 years. He may get some looks from teams during the first stage but his 2014 salary of $285,000 may be the biggest draw back. Would he be worth the price for the Fire? Probably not but he would definitely add quality to the backline.
  • Mamadou Danso: Otherwise known as "Futty" would add depth to the Fire's defense as the 31 year would definitely be able to be of service off the bench or starting here or there. With a price tag of $87,500 in 2014 and having a green card he is one of the players on the list that could very well move in the first stage.
  • Carlyle Mitchell: The Trinidadian really didn't get much playing time in Vancouver but with a salary of $50,075 in 2014 he will definitely get a look only to be depth on the bench. Being only 27 with some pro experience might make him attractive to teams looking for depth.

As you can see, there is a theme to those I highlighted - that's right, defenders. Right now the Fire have only one center back on the roster and that center back, Jeff Larentowicz, really isn't a natural center back. Yallop has to use the Re-Entry Draft as a way to build his depth at that position and he has to make the players that he brings in this off season at center back have better results than the players he brought in last season. Either way this draft will definitely help build our roster more and create more depth. I wouldn't expect many players to be selected Friday as most teams will look to next Thursday's Stage Two as where they can get the higher priced players cheaper.