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Preseason #3: FIRE vs. Orlando City, Right Freaking Now

Hey, there's a game tonight - it's a mix of fringe guys and borderline starters against USL-Pro side Orlando City, and it's starting basically right this minute

So! Right now, basically! The Fire are playing Fire football! Well, in a minute or two, but basically right now! Here you will find a link to the live feed, which is courtesy of

Tonight's CF97 lineup is: Reynish; T. Ward^, Ianni, Kinney, P. Walsh^; Pause (C); D. Jackson^, G. Ward^, Shipp, Pineda; Gentile. ^=trialist

There's this thing about posts on a site like this - they literally do not post themselves. Not really ever. It's uncanny the extent to which posts on Hot Time simply will not post themselves. In the wide universe of non-self-posting sites on the internet, this one is definitely the non-self-posty-est.