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Roundup: Beckham Trolls MLS, Amirite?

Miami Vice? Miami freaking VICE?

Oh, Becks, you cruel bastard.
Oh, Becks, you cruel bastard.
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

It's quiet in Fire-land this morning - the team flew home from Florida last night, and will head out to Arizona shortly. Once there, Mike Magee will join the team full-time, meaning that by this time next week we should have a good look at the starting XI, the key subs, and the shape. For now, though, let's catch up with a couple of notes on the rest of the league.

Beckham's group leaks Miami details

The Palm Beach Post yesterday posted some mockups for the David Beckham & The Oligarchs sekrit soccer project in South Beach. (WARNING: HORRIBLE NICKNAMES ABOUT TO BE FLOATED UP IN HERE. GRAB SOMETHING INTO WHICH YOU MAY VOMIT.) The documents, which included the totally sweet version of the basic kit pictured in the above tweet, also mentioned that the names being considered include Miami Vice, Miami Current and a third name tied into corporate backing which isn't being revealed yet.

And ... hey who what now - did that say Miami freakin' VICE? Holy ... <sounds of wretching> ... And Current, awesome, because, y'know, there's currents in the ocean which is near the beach and everyone loved Al Gore's TV channel and there's a total lack of ‘vague noun' nicknames in MLS right now. And nicknames and oligarchs and secrets, oh my! There's no way this franchise is gonna be a train wreck.

TFC still hoping to keep Laba

Toronto's best player last season was 22-year-old Matias Laba, a terrier of a ball-winner who's just coming into his prime. The Reds, apparently confused by a winter watching the English Premiership, have piled up four Designated Players on their roster, meaning that Laba is the least of the show ponies. As it stands today, someone's gotta go. I'd snatch at a chance to get Laba if it was long-term - anyone else?

Rapids deal Thomas to Dallas

Colorado hoped to keep Honduran hardman Hendry Thomas in their midfield, but the two sides couldn't agree on a contract. Today the Rapids ended the standoff by trading Thomas' rights to FC Dallas for allocation money, where he'll rejoin new FCD manager Oscar Pareja. Hendry is 28, but the picture above this story - should one click through - makes him look 50, at least.