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Roundup: Toronto's Crazy Offseason Continues

Cesar in, Dike injured in Toronto; Champions League is back; Landon's last ride

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As our boys have a few days off without a game, it is a good time to take a look around to see what else is going on. The Drake effect continues in Toronto and this year's World Cup will be Landon's victory lap - so that means Julian Green will take his mantle, right?

Julio Cesar Joins Toronto

Toronto's offseason goal of going to from an AYSO team to an actual serious MLS team is almost complete. They have signed Brazil's number one goalie on a loan. This adds to this impressive haul of Gilberto, Defoe and Bradley. They also have Matias Laba still on their roster so that leads us to ask how do they fit all of these guys on their roster? Who knows. This team is shaping up to be pretty scary. Did I just call Toronto scary? That feels weird to say.

Bright Dike Tears ACL

Not everything is going well up north though. It looks like Bright Dike has torn his achilles tendon. This is really a shame, as it's Dike's second serious injury in little more than a year; the striker had just returned from an ACL tear suffered last February. Bright was also hoping to make the Nigerian World Cup team and now that dream is gone. His injury might leave Toronto a little short up top, but will they be able to bring someone in and fit them under the cap? This could get interesting.

Champions League Round of 16

It's back! If you need something to read to prepare yourself, check out this super duper cool preview. Games will be happening over the next couple of weeks and there is a bunch of exciting matches including today's Barcelona vs. Manchester City.

Donovan's Last World Cup

Landon Donovan will be 36 by the time of the next World Cup so it is understandable that Brazil will be his last. As much as some of their might hate on Donovan, he has been the focal point of our team for a very long time and it will be a tough adjustment with him gone. So cherish his lack of hair and this goal while you can.