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Preseason LIVE STREAM: Fire vs FGCU, 10 a.m. CST

Join us right here for the live stream of the preseason's first action as we catch up on the fight for roster spots

There will be some sort of score kept today, when the Chicago Fire Soccer Club plays the student-athletes of Florida Gulf Coast University in a training match; but the score will impart even less of this match's meaning than is customary. In short, today's match isn't about the Fire humiliating the Eagles as a team - it's about the individuals trying to make the roster for the Men in Red. The mystery will unfold a bit further after 10 a.m. Central time today, when the game is expected to kick off - Fire faithful can watch the stream riiiiiiiight here:

Don't expect to see many minutes for familiar names today. If you've got $50 on Chris Rolfe to score twice, you've not only placed a truly terrible bet, but you've also probably got a more serious problem with wagering than you've allowed yourself to believe; seek assistance.

Consider this thread to be an OPEN THREAD for the purpose of commenting upon the game at hand. Many thanks, as always, to Jeff Crandall and the Fire content team for managing a live-stream from a part of Florida trapped in an alternate (and heavily Catholic) universe.