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Roundup: Chivas Insight, Drogba Rumors, Adu Shopping

Wynalda trying to add Adu to Atlanta NASL squad

"You mean I can't even get work in MLS?"
"You mean I can't even get work in MLS?"

So we lost our first game of the preseason yesterday, no need to riot yet. We will just wait until the new jerseys come and then we will march down Harlem with our pitchforks. Until that happens, here is some news to keep you busy.

More Chivas News

Chivas can't stay out of the news. First, here is a great Sports Illustrated article from the former director of communications for Chivas in the beginning years. It is more great insight to how the organization went from promising to dysfunctional.

MLS also named Nelson Rodriguez, who was the league's former executive vice president of competition, technical and game operations, as the new president of the club. This is the beginning of the rebirth of Chivas under MLS stewardship and maybe finally the club will have stability.

Freddy Adu Back To USA?

Freddy Adu has been on trial at Blackpool in the Championship in England but he was not offered a contract. So what is next for the fallen prodigy who hung out with Pele in commercials? Well, Eric Wynalda, who is Atlanta's technical director, said that he would be interested in signing Adu. This might not a terrible move for Atlanta, who play in the NASL, as they could build their team around him now that Kellen Gulley is gone (that's a joke, people). Signing Adu would certainly bring some attention to the team. We will see how this one plays out.

Drogba To MLS, Again

Didier Drogba, who has been linked to MLS before, is being linked to the league again. This time he is being linked with the New York Red Bulls and the Seattle Sounders. Now this is complete speculation and he will have many more offers but I would love to see him in MLS. This story is also just starting.

Champions League Results

Real Madrid continued their impressive form by ripping apart Schalke 6-1. Bale and Ronaldo continue to show that they belong in their own FIFA Street video game with two goals a piece. Karim Benzema also had two goals as Real Madrid made sure the second leg was pointless. Chelsea didn't fair as well in Turkey as they drew Galatasaray 1-1 courtesy of a Fernando Torres goal. The return leg at Stamford Bridge should be exciting.