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Roundup: Rapids Name A Coach! & More

Portland holds on to their captain, Rapids finally get a coach, San Jose gets a Benfica winger, some super cool stats and more.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Week one is in the books. Let's pretend it never happened. We won't lose the rest of the season so don't worry about it. Benji Joya had the greatest start to an MLS career ever. Did Landon Donovan score that quickly? Nope. So by basic logic, Joya is better than Donovan. Just give us the cup now Don. Until then, here is some news to keep you occupied.

Will Johnson Commits to Portland

I hope the Portland fans are happy that their captain committed to the Timbers for the next few years. Enjoy your happiness Portland. Yallop and his gang are coming to town to start their winning streak. If I was a Portland fan, I would be thrilled at this news because Will is a boss.

Pepe Reina Linked to MLS

Before you say anything, yes I know European veterans get linked to MLS all the time. So Pepe Reina being linked to MLS in the future isn't much of a shock. He said he wants to come in a few years so let's sell Sean Johnson for a few million dollars in a few years and sign Reina. Ok good plan.

Rapids Finally Get a Coach

Congrats Colorado. That took way too long. The Rapids finally announced Pablo Mastroeni as their coach on opening day. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. This was like Bruce Willis waiting until the last second to save the world in Armageddon (spoiler alert). Colorado made a smart coach in making Pablo the coach as he understands the organization and has the players' trust.

Chivas' New Logo

MLS continues to make changes to Chivas USA and prepare them for the future. The Goat Parade reports that MLS is working on a new team name. They continue to show that they have a plan in place to turn this franchise around. The Chivas USA fans deserve a better franchise and I hope MLS continues to give it to them. They can get us that win back though.

San Jose Signs Benfica Winger

The Earthquakes look to have made a nice move in signing Yannick Djalo on a season long loan from Benfica. I won't pretend to know this guy but he has some nice credentials. The 27-year-old has played in the Champions League and got a cap with Portugal in 2010. It'll be interesting to see how well he adapts to MLS but this could be a good move.

Advanced MLS Stats

Are you interested in advanced MLS stats? Well if you said yes, then you are in for a treat. Here is a great piece from SB Nation about expected goal and shot types. This piece is really interesting and I hope to see more of this throughout the season.