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Roundup: Pyramid Schemes & Aspirations

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A horrifying rumor, MLS expansion talk, Seattle might start USL-Pro franchise, Herbalife in trouble and more loans to USL

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A point in Portland isn't bad. If someone offered me a point in Portland at the beginning of the weekend, I would have taken that deal in a second. Now it's on to the next one. Finally our boys come home and here is to hoping that Toyota Park brings us our first win.

Here's also to hoping it brings our first Mike Magee sighting of the season. This rumor is just a rumor, but it's out there:

Please, dear God, no.

Sacramento wants to join MLS

Ever since Sacramento has joined USL, they have said that they want to join MLS. They are just planning on using USL to build a fan base and prove to The Don that they deserve a shot in the big leagues. Here is a great piece from The Classical about their ambitions to join MLS. The race for the expansion slots is going to be very interesting.

Seattle might create a USL team

It looks like Seattle might follow Los Angeles and New York in establishing a USL Pro team. In this interview, Sounders GM Adrian Hanauer says that it is highly likely that they will create a USL team. I know I keep saying it but teams that make this investment now will benefit from it for years to come. It is no surprising for the large teams spending the necessary money to establish a USL team.

Galaxy's sponsor is in trouble

Herbalife has graced the front of the LA Galaxy jerseys since the days of Beckham. Now the company is in some financial trouble - as well as in hot water with the Federal Trade Commission - and that could affect their role with the Galaxy. The company has made a significant long term financial commitment to the Galaxy. This is something that should worry the Galaxy front office and I hope this doesn't get any worse.

Sporting KC, Toronto loan players to USL

As the season gets under way, teams are putting the final touches on their roster. Now that teams are getting a feel for their rosters, they know what players they can loan to their USL partners. Sporting KC and Toronto FC loaned a few more players out this week and this article has a list of all players loaned out which is interesting to look at.