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Roundup: Julian Green Mania, Crew Dumps Long-Time President

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Julian "Chosen One" Green is closer to his debut, Beckham shows off his stadium plans, Crew makes a front office change and Montreal linked with a DP

The youth movement is under way, everyone. Harrison Shipp continues to impress and Victor Pineda makes his first appearance. Benji Joya continues to bring joy (sorry, I had to) to the game. Frank Yallop has impressed me with his willingness to change up his line up and experiment. It's refreshing and I'm encouraged so far. Outside of the Fire, there is much more going on and here is some of the headlines.

Crew Make Front Office Change

Anthony Precourt, the new Crew owner, continues to shake things up in Columbus as Mark McCullers, team president for 15 years, resigns from the club. McCullers has been with the Crew since 1998 but with Precourt making big picture changes to the Crew, this move isn't surprising. I'll be interested to see if he spends big on a replacement.

Julian Green Is Ready To Play

Julian has been given the green light (I can't help myself) to play for the U.S. as FIFA has approved his switch. This will allow him to be called up versus Mexico and I would not be surprised to see him play a half. This will probably be the most hyped debut since Freddy Adu. I can't wait to see what the kid can do.

Miami Stadium Plans

David Beckham and his ownership group have released plans for their Miami stadium. I remain skeptical of a sports team in Miami but this stadium is pretty amazing. It'll be interesting to see if they can pull it off but I am rooting for them because this would be great for the league.

Montreal Linked With DP

The Impact has been linked with signing 29-year-old midfielder Ignacio Piatti of San Lorenzo in the summer transfer window. The team can use some help but I can't say I know much about this guy. With Klopas in control, I just want to warn Montreal fans, don't get too excited.

Predictions for Green? Thoughts on FC Beckham? Are the Crew going in the right direction? Words of advice for Impact fans?