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Roundup: Etihad $$$, Krafts Get Burned

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Kraft family criticized, MLS gets Etihad money, RSL expands youth and European money problems

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday. Halfway to the weekend. That means more MLS. We can do this, people! There is always plenty of MLS news to keep us entertained until the next set of games; here is just some of that news.

Krafts get blasted

MLS owes the Kraft family a lot but with the Revolution struggling recently, the Boston Magazine did an interesting article that blasts the Kraft family. The article makes some great points. In my opinion, this team needs a stadium near Boston. They have a great public transportation system and plenty of sports fans. Someone get this team a stadium.

Etihad Airlines partners with MLS

MLS continues to grow its sponsorship by naming Etihad Airways as the official airlines of MLS. Etihad Airways has major ties to Man City aka NYCFC so I wonder how long this move has been in the works and how much it is worth. The more sponsors for the league, the better, but I feel like this deal has a lot to do with NYCFC.

RSL and USL-Pro

Real Salt Lake have been linked with creating a USL-Pro team and possibly extending its academy in California. RSL Soapbox did a nice review of options of locations for their USL team. I have no idea how the academy would be able to claim land in California with the Galaxy and Chivas. I'm sure they aren't happy.

European financial problems

Sam Borden of The New York Times did a great piece on European teams facing financial trouble and not paying their players. It's an eye opening piece and reminds me of how happy I am that MLS is sound financially.

What's your opinion of the Krafts? Thoughts of the Etihad partnership? Impressed with RSL's moves? Shocked by players not getting paid?