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Roundup: New CF97 Radio Show, Chipotle Alliance, USA In Polos

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Weekly call-in show debuting on WMVP-AM; Chipotle announces Homegrown Game during All-Star break; USA goes austere for a World Cup in the land of jogo bonita

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The start of the season is so close. I feel like a kid and it's a week before Christmas again. I forgot how awful waiting is. In order to pass the time, here is some soccer news.

CF97 Announce Weekly Radio Show

If you're like a lot of Fire supporters, you tend to get up early to take in some European football on Saturdays anyway, right? Now there's local radio for that wakeup, as the Fire and WMVP 1000 AM announced "Chicago Fire Weekly," a ... uh ... weekly call-in show. Host Fred Huebner will be joined by CF97 color man Kevin Egan - and you, of course - from 7-8 a.m. Saturday mornings, starting this Saturday, March 8.

Chipotle, MLS Create Homegrown Game

MLS and Chipotle have announced the creation and sponsorship of the Chipotle MLS Homegrown Game. There are no details out yet about how players will be selected or if the game will be televised. The game will be played during MLS All-Star Week. This game should be a pretty cool way to showcase all of the young talent that exists in MLS. Count me in as someone who will be watching this.

USA Friendly Reportedly Called Off, Then Called ON

The U.S. Men's National Team is scheduled to play Ukraine in Cyprus this Wednesday but it looks like Ukraine may now be backing out. Reports have surfaced saying that the Ukraine FA does not want to play the game in another country, unless they really, really have to, like, really have to - "Oh, we really have to? Ok." All this unrest is so unrestful.

U.S. Jersey Released

The U.S. Soccer Federation and Nike have released the home jersey for the World Cup this year. Not surprisingly, there has been backlash against the jersey. People say it looks like they are going to a golf game. Personally, I think it's simple and classy. I will be pre-ordering. Haters gonna hate. [I hate it - ed.]

Red Bulls GM Resigns

In a surprising move the week before games start, Jerome de Bontin has resigned as the GM of the New York Red Bulls citing "personal reasons". Does anyone believe that? Probably not. It'll be interesting to see who fills his spot. There is a lot to do in New York with Henry's contract ending and NYCFC coming into the league. Keep an eye on this.

FC Dallas Academy

Big D Soccer, the SB Nation site for FC Dallas did a great piece on their academy. They have signed the most homegrown players but haven't seen great results overall. This article looks into that and raises some good points. Don't forget about quality over quantity people - Harry Shipp over everyone.