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Roundup: Keane, The Don, USA and Blanco!

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Keane stays in America, Red Bulls join USL, Vancouver gets a DP and Blanco speaks his mind

David Cannon

The roster is in turmoil, we have a terrible home jersey, USA can't beat Ukraine but hey look at the bright side, it's almost Friday everyone.

Keane signs extension

The LA Galaxy solidify their DP situation for the next couple of years by agreeing to a contract extension with Robbie Keane. He has 34 goals and 21 assists in 55 appearances. That's either a goal or an assist a game. Yeah, I would give him the contract extension too.

Red Bulls joining USL Pro

It looks like New York is following the lead of the Galaxy by creating their own USL team, albeit in 2015. This is a great move and I beg Andy to do the same. This is an investment that will pay off for years to come. I will never forgive Andy if he doesn't do this.

USA falls to Ukraine

Well that was disappointing. Even though the team was not full strength they still lost 2-0 to Ukraine. I think we all expected a good U.S. performance and that didn't happen. Several guys may have played themselves out of a ticket to Brazil and I grow less confident about us surviving the Group of Death more everyday.

Whitecaps sign DP

Vancouver signed Pedro Morales, a midfielder from Malaga in Spain. I won't pretend to know anything about this player but at 28 years old and experience with Chile, I would say that this is a good gamble by Vancouver. It is also probably why we got Watson.

The Don speaks

In a question and answer with fans and media, everyone's favorite Don discussed expansion, finances and much more. He didn't say anything shocking but still a good read.

Blanco and Marquez bicker

Oh how I miss you Blanco. He recently came out and questioned Rafa Marquez's leadership abilities which of course Marquez responded to. I rule the bout dos a cero (see what I did there?) in favor of Blanco because there will never be someone like him in Fire red again. We got your back, buddy.