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GAMETHREAD: Chivas USA v FIRE, 2 p.m., UniMas

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Yallop era begins in Los Angeles against a Goats side rejuvenated by prospect of new beginning


It's go time. GO TIME.

Both Chicago and Chivas USA enter the game looking for some assurances, some confirmation that the glimpses of positivity in the preseason weren't a mirage, the heat of our hopes baking the fallow sand of rosters too young or too 'affordable' and cooking up a phantasm of flowing football. It's only one game of 34, but a poor result or ugly play can start a vicious cycle of doubt and fear - let's avoid those cycles of doubt and fear, eh?

As usual, use this thread for inappropriately drunken insta-reactions, or hilarious mis-translations of Spanish commentary. Lineups when they're available. See y'all on UniMas.

If you're just catching up, Hot Time previewed this game here, and talked to Alicia Ratterree of the Goat Parade about Chivas USA here, and I wrote about the tactical structure the Fire have adopted for 2014 hereherehere and here.