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Caption Contest! CF97 Brotherly Love Edition

Compete for ephemeral glory (and little else) in this contest

Eric Bolte - USA TODAY Sports

It's contest time!

Here at Hot Time HQ, one of the most enjoyable developments in the early season has been the growing striking partnership between defending MLS MVP Mike Magee and long-time journeyman Quincy Amarikwa. The two present interesting contrasts - Magee the pedigreed top-flight pro who scored 21 goals last year, clever and subtle; Amarikwa the underdog striver who's scored 10 in five-plus seasons. But it's their similarities that draw them close. Each player seems to thrive on the perceived doubts of observers; each has a chip on his shoulder about his size.

The evidence of a growing bromance along the CF97 front line is everywhere in this photo, taken by USA Today Sports photog Eric Bolte after Amarikwa's equalizer against Montreal. Now we ask you, readers of Hot Time, to finish this portrait of a burgeoning partnership with the perfect bon mots; how should we caption this photo?

Entries close at kickoff Saturday. Winner receives eternal ephemeral acclaim!