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Farewell To One Of Ours: Rolfe Dealt To DC

Veteran attacker dealt to capitol-city club for cap relief, allocation money

Farewell, Chris.
Farewell, Chris.
John Gress

There are moves that make every bit of sense to one's head - moves that get one's head bobbing up and down in agreement because just yeah - and on one level, the Fire's decision to deal Chris Rolfe to DC United for allocation money is one of those. But there's this other side to supporting a team, and today that other part is in my solar plexus - because, as much sense as this deal makes, it's a punch in the gut.

Except for a white-hot eight-week spiel down the stretch in 2012, Rolfe has seemed snakebit in his second stint with the Fire. He came in early in 2012 and promptly went down with the kind of lower-leg injury that plagued his years in Denmark. After roaring back from that injury - and making Sherjill Macdonald look pretty decent in the process - the Ohioan suffered along with the rest of the team in the club's horrible start to 2013. This season, he found himself shuffled off to the bench behind some members of the club's youth movement. At almost a quarter-million a year, Rolfe is mightily expensive as a spot starter.

(Or is he? I understood he'd renegotiated that number, but of course 'terms of the agreement were not disclosed.')

So my brain tells me. My stomach thinks about Chris putting his dog up for adoption on Twitter. In my heart, Chris Rolfe is forever in that Chicago flag kit, and Milan stands off him just that little bit. In my heart, this blonde waterbug is lashing that heavy, sinking shot. In my heart, Chris Rolfe always just scored that goal, and the others, and I absolutely despise that he's leaving.

My head is nodding. My heart is bruised. Chris Rolfe, we will miss you.